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Mingma group is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Suzhou and other regions in mainland China. Its products mainly focus on special label materials, intelligent QR code application, platform technology development and operation, covering many fields such as electronics, science and technology, education, clothing, film and television, Internet of Things and Internet. The Group has cooperated with many giant enterprises in the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries to jointly develop or independently research and develop industrial products. It has obtained more than 81 invention patents and application new patent certificates, and its subsidiary Qinxuan Network has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

Mr. Zhu Zonghan, chairman of the Group, is an excellent entrepreneur and philanthropist. Standing director of Beijing Education Informatization Industry Association, academic member of Informatization Professional Committee of National Headmasters' Association, person in charge of the research group of "Smart Uniform and Campus Big Data", director of Shanghai Apparel Association.



Chairman of the Group takes it as his duty to deliver the positive energy of the society, and stands for care and dreams. Advocates the "people-oriented" development concept, embodies the respect for people everywhere in the details, advocates customer satisfaction as the center, and constantly innovates products and services.

Mission:Make love easier

Vision:Globally well known, Recognised by everyone

Values:About Love About Dream

Professional makes us outstanding
Shanghai Mingma Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Worldwide famous suppliers for specialty label stocks material, applicable for extreme high or low temperature use. Covering the territories such as electronics, metal, automotive, garment, medical and chemical.
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Shanghai iWorld Network Technology Co., Ltd.
A national-level high-tech enterprise and an innovative technology enterprise in Shanghai City, its platform Qinjia vertically focuses on full-link growth services in the school uniform industry, and uses technology to empower the sustainable growth of school uniform enterprises.
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Smart Selection · China
A platform that is perpendicular to the school uniform industry and focuses on providing spot supply chain services for school uniforms. Together with Donghua University, we have established the School Uniform Innovation Research Center, which is an innovation engine in the field of Chinese school uniforms and guides the development of new directions for Chinese school uniforms.
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Shanghai Nuanxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
The company has always been the integrity of management as their own foundation, in the process of product production adhere to the selection of high-quality raw materials, relying on more high-quality product quality, won the trust of the market and customers.
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Wuyi Mountain Xunjingyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Xunjingyuan Tea is produced in the original vein of Wuyi Mountain. Hundreds of acres of tea garden base adopts original organic ecological planting.
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